The Human Chair 人間椅子


The story begins with a young author opening her mail. She reads a letter confessing to horrible crimes. The band is Japanese as well and a stunning example of Doom.

The Human Chair (Niggen-Isu; 人間椅子) is a short story by a Japanese author that was originally published in 1925. The doom/ heavy metal band formed in 1989 and is still playing. They were actually touring in Europe earlier this year before the Corona Virus shut the entire world down like an old computer.

Niggen-Isu is quintessentially Japanese and the quintessential Heavy/Doom Metal band all at the same time. The story, the band’s namesake, is an intriguing short story about a short story. Both the literary work and the band Niggen-Isu come highly recommended.


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studio albums vs live albums

Live albums just sound better. A live recording captures the essence and spirit of a band. Studio recordings sterilize and tone down band’s natural sound leaving a disappointing aftertaste like watered down coffee.

Pelican is instrumental post rock from Chicago and a great example of this phenomenon. Nighttime Stories is mediocre studio offering where as Live at the Grog Shop is stellar by any reckoning. Below are both albums and please comment if you agree or disagree. Enjoy.

Ripping Records Sampler

The Danger Room was the last house on a street that dead-ends into Interstate 4. In it’s day it was an iconic spot in the Orlando music scene hosting innumerable band practices, jam sessions with literally dozens of bands being recorded there.

The one drummer flooded every bathroom he encountered on a six week tour. No reason, just to be funny. Then there was the one singer who couldn’t make it to band practice even though he lived right next door. It was rather difficult to pry himself away from the Peruvian marching powder long enough to make the commute. Then there was the other drummer who modeled his life after Hunter S. Thompson. He quite the band so he could devote more time to sniffing his own farts and masturbating in the mirror. There was also Mike the Skittletarian, he survived off of Coke-a-cola, Marlboro Reds and Skittles.

Eventually the Danger Room had to be moved to make way for a cell tower and the I-4 Ultimate project. Fortunatly, Danger put togather this completion from the room’s early days along with other music from Orlando’s cultural heyday.

Kuolemanlaakso- Musta aurinko nousee (2013)

Blackened references music that has a Black Metal-ish sound normally with screeched vocals and death growls typical of Death Metal. Not quite Black or Death Metal but somewhere in between.

Kuolemanlaakso is typical, almost classic Blackened Doom/Death Metal. The names means “Death Valley” in Finnish and by the way the band is from Finland. Good stuff, definitely worth checking out and this EP specifically rates a solid 90%.



dl (doom til death)

Sollubi (2012)

“Sollubi were a band. Does your step-dad sell weed? He probably has our record.”

It is still 4/20/20, Corvid-19 and stuck at home or not, this day deserves something stoney and sludgy. Sollubi fits the bill well playing doom/stoner sludge metal, these tracks came from a split that never was. Classic Sludge from the East Coast that comes highly recommend, 92%. Enjoy the day and wash your hands lol.