The Nutty Cock and Nuts Sodomy ‘zine


The Nutty Cock and Nuts Sodomy ‘Zine was a sketch and commentary magazine by artist DasBut from a few years ago. He would pass out these hand-drawn, photocopied ‘zines at parties, shows and bars. Often some random hipster chick with a beer gut, a Ramone’s t-shirt and a stupid haircut would make a huge scene and start yelling at him for passing out the magazine and call him something like a homophobic asshole with a deodorant problem… It was obvious he was a creative genius in a town full of politically correct clowns who hadn’t saved up enough cool-points to move to San Francisco yet.
The art work and dialogue are classics of Orlando culture and that’s why I am going to republish issues #13 and #12 in incriminates over the next several weeks.
DasBut has his own website,, which has his art-work and all kinds of other interesting stuff, definatly worth checking out just for all the twisted imagery.

Pharaoh Overlord- II

   Here is another awesome album for Friday afternoon sessions, a lesser known Finnish band (until recently there was only a Finnish wiki article on them), Pharaoh Overlord. A side project of some of the members of the band Circle. Stylistically they are in the relm of stoner/space rock “with a strong emphasis on repetition” (metallum)… you’ll either love it or hate it, and I love it anyway.

DL pharaoh overlord II
only link i could find

Skatalites- Ball of Fire

   I started working on this post with a vague idea of a post about the Skatalites and a link to download… but they are such prolific artists that it seems a shame to be limited to one post one album, so this is the start of Skatalites Thursdays for a while.
The Skatalites were officially formed in 1964 in Jamaica with studio recording, release and subsequent tour supporting the Studio One album, Ska Authentic .
Ska music originated in the early 1960’s with music being performed and recorded in Jamaica rather than imported American music and recordings (some songs were cover songs popular at the time).

ball of fire

Pelican- Pelican EP 2001

Pelican is one of my favorite bands of late. Instrumentals only in their earlier albums, the band claims that they couldn’t make vocals fit… I couldn’t agree more. The instrumentals are so strong and epic on this EP that vocals are not needed. A whole story is being told, totally devoid of lyrics that so often ruin good songs.
Pelican is releasing an EP in April so I will ramble more in that post.

Pelican EP 2001

Alchest show at Will’s Pub

   Last Thursday Alchest played at Wills with Deafheaven, Legions and Fire in the Cave.  I attended with my old friend and fellow metal head, RK, and we arrived in time for several of Fire in the Cave’s songs, and their down-tuned and unique style is a breath of fresh air in a town that has too many cover bands and bands that are too dumb to realize that they are just cover bands with different lyrics performed by thirty-somthing hair-goons… But I digress, the band was good and definatly worth seeing.
   Speaking of worth seeing, wow, there were some badly dressed women there. I’m not trying to be mean here, but someone needs to tell their girlfriend to let her mom dress her from now. For real, bright peach jean-shorts aren’t cool on anyone. Even the Pissed-off-Retard that lives down the street would heckle this chick while he did his end-zone victory dance wearing a paintball mask. It was bad. And there were others too…
   The cappuccino stout was still on tap and by some cruel twist of fate RK had to take a drip-test in the morning, so he couldn’t drink, only watch me get hammered like some poor dejected child whose family couldn’t afford roller-skates for him.
Legions played next and they were pretty good, however some of the songs later in their set leaned more towards technical death metal, which I am not a huge fan of, but Whatevesies. Other than those couple of songs they are another band that’s definatly worth seeing again.
After that RK was starting to look as suicidal as the kid wearing the lifelover shirt and soon there after we agree it was time to go… I was talking too loudly and the stouts were taking their toll.
A good show all in all, even though I didn’t see the headlining band, again, but this time I awoke clothed but clutching a Sierra Nevada with The Fellowship of the Ring playing on repeat… Apogeematt

Leadbelly- pick a bale of cotton

   Here we have another classic to listen to on the way to work;

   Leadbelly had quite the checkered past, spending his life in and out of prison, one of the times for knifing a white man… Anyway, he also killed someone too, which might offer an insight into why such a character would be singing about manual labor.
   Dispite his obvious flaws he is the one of the best known of the Delta Blues Men.
This song begs the question, “What was the unemployment rate among Africian-Americans in the America South at the time this song was written? and was the rate higher than it is today or ten years ago?
pick a bale

FLOOR show at Will’s Pub

   Four or five Saturdays ago Floor played at Will’s Pub and it was great… From what I recall.
   My lively wife, Jessica, went with me to the show. We started things off cappuccino stouts, which were quite good. We had arrived in time for the opening band, which I don’t recall their name, wasn’t for lack of talent on their behalf but an excess of stout on my part, but I digress.
While the first band was packing up we looked at the stuff that the bands had for sale, and bought two Floor t-shirts.
Being a typical Florida show it took forever for the next band to set up, so Jess and I hunkered-down by the bar for the wait… There weren’t any exceptional rattails to report, just the normal collection of rockabilly thirty-somethings and a number of women with obvious thyroid problems who seemed to be under the impression that Goodwill cloths would draw attention away from their dimensions, but Whatevesies, to each their own.
Did I mention that that stout was on tap? It was, and it was good. At some point I discovered a black marker in my pocket and excused myself to the restroom to document my wisdom and insights.
After another round or two, we were still waiting for the next band to start playing, and it suddenly occurred to me that I was becoming a bit intoxicated and it was time to go home before…
I woke up naked with a headache, but at home. I remember leaving but not insisting on making peanut butter cookies, I think Jessica just made that up.
The show was great, however next time I am not going to drink before hand so that I have more coherent things to report.
Will’s Pub

Bongripper-The Great Barrier Reefer

   The Great Barrier Reefer is a classic of stoner/sludge and one of my all time favorite albums. An 80 minute epic that begins with low, subtle lyrics concerning dragons and a seven headed beast, quoted directly from the Book of Revelation, with repeative, yet changing and droning riffs.
This is an album that is the background music for an afternoon session with friends that devolves into everyone zoning out staring at the space between them and the wall… A meandering song that takes one on a musical story, which is part of the appeal of this album; it is just one song, as no parts stand alone without the support of the rest.
Every time I listen to this album I hear something new, so pull up a chair and fire up a hookah coal and start the weekend…

now is the hour of repentance


Stone of the Swamp Begins

Stone of the Swamp is to be a commentary on music new and old, as discussed on the front porch. My preferences hover around the stoner and black metal genres but not solely limited to those areas; good music is good music, and I am hoping to convence some of my friends to contribute also and their musical tastes vary from mine so there will hopefully be a bit of many different types of music posted and commented on.
As I live in Orlando, FL there will be references to the local music scene and the rattails who populate it.
I am still working on getting the blog up and running so if anyone does see this by chance, I apologise for the unfinished appearence of the blog.
UPDATE:the StoneoftheSwamp will make its official debut on Friday, March 23 at 3:30 pm; the start of the weekend. Til then, Apogeematt