FLOOR show at Will’s Pub

   Four or five Saturdays ago Floor played at Will’s Pub and it was great… From what I recall.
   My lively wife, Jessica, went with me to the show. We started things off cappuccino stouts, which were quite good. We had arrived in time for the opening band, which I don’t recall their name, wasn’t for lack of talent on their behalf but an excess of stout on my part, but I digress.
While the first band was packing up we looked at the stuff that the bands had for sale, and bought two Floor t-shirts.
Being a typical Florida show it took forever for the next band to set up, so Jess and I hunkered-down by the bar for the wait… There weren’t any exceptional rattails to report, just the normal collection of rockabilly thirty-somethings and a number of women with obvious thyroid problems who seemed to be under the impression that Goodwill cloths would draw attention away from their dimensions, but Whatevesies, to each their own.
Did I mention that that stout was on tap? It was, and it was good. At some point I discovered a black marker in my pocket and excused myself to the restroom to document my wisdom and insights.
After another round or two, we were still waiting for the next band to start playing, and it suddenly occurred to me that I was becoming a bit intoxicated and it was time to go home before…
I woke up naked with a headache, but at home. I remember leaving but not insisting on making peanut butter cookies, I think Jessica just made that up.
The show was great, however next time I am not going to drink before hand so that I have more coherent things to report.
Will’s Pub

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