Alchest show at Will’s Pub

   Last Thursday Alchest played at Wills with Deafheaven, Legions and Fire in the Cave.  I attended with my old friend and fellow metal head, RK, and we arrived in time for several of Fire in the Cave’s songs, and their down-tuned and unique style is a breath of fresh air in a town that has too many cover bands and bands that are too dumb to realize that they are just cover bands with different lyrics performed by thirty-somthing hair-goons… But I digress, the band was good and definatly worth seeing.
   Speaking of worth seeing, wow, there were some badly dressed women there. I’m not trying to be mean here, but someone needs to tell their girlfriend to let her mom dress her from now. For real, bright peach jean-shorts aren’t cool on anyone. Even the Pissed-off-Retard that lives down the street would heckle this chick while he did his end-zone victory dance wearing a paintball mask. It was bad. And there were others too…
   The cappuccino stout was still on tap and by some cruel twist of fate RK had to take a drip-test in the morning, so he couldn’t drink, only watch me get hammered like some poor dejected child whose family couldn’t afford roller-skates for him.
Legions played next and they were pretty good, however some of the songs later in their set leaned more towards technical death metal, which I am not a huge fan of, but Whatevesies. Other than those couple of songs they are another band that’s definatly worth seeing again.
After that RK was starting to look as suicidal as the kid wearing the lifelover shirt and soon there after we agree it was time to go… I was talking too loudly and the stouts were taking their toll.
A good show all in all, even though I didn’t see the headlining band, again, but this time I awoke clothed but clutching a Sierra Nevada with The Fellowship of the Ring playing on repeat… Apogeematt

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