The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble- Patra (Saint Vitus cover)

Introducing The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, a project originally started by two european musicians, Bong-Ra and Telcosystems, to make new music for old silent films (last fm biography)… yeah, they’re not fans of “wild tomatoes” and the term “wake-n-bake” or anything like that.
TKDE is a blending of jazz with doom song structure and musical elements and instrumental themes akin to black metal and played as jazz. It’s a unique and interesting fusion that they pull off extraordinarily well. There is a revolving line-up of musicians that play in TKDE and their improv-jazz band is called The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, which is great also and definatly with a different enough sound a.d feel to warrent another name.
Patra, is a Saint Vitus cover, which is a doom band formed in 1980 and still playing. Honestly I’m not really that into Saint Vitus but they have a lot of people that really like them, kinda like Von. I prefer this cover over the original.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble site

Bong- Mana-Yood-Sushai (2012)

I first really got into Bong when I played them for a hookah session. Low, droning, slow paced, semi-space, semi-stoner, it is a mellow sound track to a lazy Sunday (but not for the ride to work Monday morning). They played at this years Roadburn festival in the Neatherlands. This is their new album to be released May 15, 2012 (the bandcamp album isn’t full length thus the download link).

dl full album

Trailer Park Boys (102) “fuck community college let’s get drunk and eat chicken fingers”

As I said last week, Ricky and Julian play dramatized versions of themselves, now I will relate their story as I know it;
Ricky and Julian opened up a successful chain (8) of pizzerias in their native Nova Scotia (of all places). Eventually they grew bored and came up with the idea for Trailer Park Boys. After a couple of films in 1998 &1999 they pitched the idea for a television series to The Comedy Network, who declined, and the chance decision was made to try Showcase who accepted and here we are with the second episode of season one.
However, the natural question arises; how did they come up with the capitol to start a chain of restaurants at such a young age?

Tides/ Giant split (2007)

Tides/ Giant split 2007, sludge/ post math rock, Tides is instrumental and the easier listen of the two. Giant is good, but the vocals and the composition of the song make the first couple of minutes a bit tedious, but it gets better.
I found out about Tides because some clown was downing them and Pelican and North saying this band he was reviewing was so much better and he couldn’t figgure out why they got so much more attention than the technical sludge metal band he was reviewing… I listened to all of the bands dingleberry mentioned and I suspect he is either in the technical sludge band or is afflicted with Down’s syndrome. That band wouldn’t sound good even with a full can of duster.
Anyway, I love splits and this one is a good example why; nice short album and two bands playing their favored songs. This one delevers and there is a download link also if anyone wants.

download the split

Ska and Rocksteady Thursday: Derrick Harriott Sings Jamaican Rocksteady-Reggae (1990)

Skatalites Thursday has evolved into Ska and Rocksteady Thursday. The Skatalites are the founding Ska band, but they were also a semi-studio-made band with a floating line-up so much so that the original band in the early 1960’s was more like a sampling of the Jamaican music scene. Because of this the explaination of songs and recording brings up other musicians, bands, DJ’s and producers, such as Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd, both of whom Derrick Herriott recorded hit singles for in 1960 & 1961 (wiki) but was never a Ska musician. Both Reid and Dodd recorded members of the Skatalites and other pioneering Jamaican musicians and their names always arise in any discussion of early Ska and are thus a perfect example of the natural evolution from Skatalites Thursday to Ska and Rocksteady Thursday.
Derrick Harriott is one of few surviving Jamaican musicians that witnessed and helped create Rocksteady and Reggae. I happened across this album and discovered that this was the guy who sang Lollipop Girl, and after reading his biography I decided he was the perfect example of being “in the scene” but not apart of the scene, because Derrick Harriott was never into Ska but was recording and performing around Jamaica at the time in a small group of Jamaican musicians at the time.

DL Derrick Harriott

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Historical Explaination of the Lack of Women’s Suffrage Until The 20th Century and Dawn- Slaughtersun 1998

Growing up I was taught about the Women’s Right’s Movement in school and told that it was a great achievement, but never was it explained why it too so long. The basic premise seemed to be that ALL of our forefathers were insecure, chauvinistic assholes who choose to ignore half the brain-power of humanity.
My first clue that this explaination was off was the insight that it was women who had taught me about Women’s Suffrage… That’s like a vegan teaching how to grill a steak or an Afghani plumber. As Ben Franklin pointed out, women’s brains weigh less than men’s thus logic implies that they are not as smart as men either. However the true nature of women’s rights is explained by old Roman Law giving women roughly the same legal rights as goats.
The Romans were not a stupid people as I discovered after a half hour conversation with the Angry Ginger; thirty minutes and I still had no idea what her problem was. Had I devoted thirty minutes to trying to figgure out what a goat’s problem was I would likely have succeeded.
Another good example is that the first dildo was invented by a doctor to cure “female hysteria”, and the Rule of Tumb; Both are addressing the same basic problem of women who are aggitated and talking excessively.
Seriously, we (mankind) wouldn’t have had to devote this much time and effort to fixing them if they were our equals.
The Rule of Thumb for those who don’t already know, is a law that existed in some form in all of the original thirteen colonies stating that a man can’t beat his wife with anything larger around than his thumb.

Dawn is a Swedish blackened death metal band and for a while were thought to be the heir aparent to Dissection as “the” Swedish blackened-death band, but after this 1998 album the band faded (though still listed as active on metallum) and the genre as a whole moved onward from the blackened-death sound, but this is still one of my favorite albums of all time and have listened to it for days on repeat. Enjoy.

dl slaughtersun
offical dawn site

Dead Meadow- Old Growth

Dead Meadow is a stoner/ psychedelic band formed in 1998 out of Washington DC indie scene. Their second album, Dead Meadow leans towards the neo-psychedelic spectrum. Over time and with member changes the band’s sound has evolved to the point where it is so unique as to sit outside of any genre label. Old Growth is the best example of this, without the slightly over-produced sound that The Three Kings has, even though it is a live album. Perhaps in the effort to clean up the sound too much was edited out losing some of the feel and depth so present in Old Growth .
While Old Growth is my favorite among their albums, they have not released anything that I would call bad or even average, so I will be posting some of their other albums in the future.
Also, the orginal drummer left the band to begin a career in law… it took the poor guy eight years to realize that was a mistake and he rejoined the band in 2010.
Sorry for the rapidshare links, I know they’re slow, but Mediafire has shut down seemingly every blogger’s account making it more difficult to find music for the time being.
dl old growth

Coyotes in the Room- S/T

“Hailing from the hills of southeastern Indiana, Coyotes in the Room consists of a small core ranging from 18 to 21 years of age, bound together by blood, booze, rails, and billy joels” and “jackin off on ice in a dress”
An eloquent introduction in their own words, here is their self titled first album, Coyotes in the Room. The first song Honey Bunny is a favorite of mine. I’ve been listening to this band almost non-stop since I first heard of them.
They have only been putting out albums since January of last year, but in that short time have put out a volume of quality music and are promising more releases later this year.

Quotes from the porch and Øresund Space Collective

“What is that kid’s problem?? I wish a family member would have molested me as a kid, I would’ve gotten more allowence… ‘some call it hush money, but that’s how we express our love’.”

“Charlie, uh, you have dip running down your chin.”
“Thanks. Howe muuch do youe still owe on your stuedent looans?” Replied Charlie, the master electrician, through a golf ball sized piece of chewing tobacco. 

“Your favorite thing in the world. Yes. That’s better than tuna-hole.” -Angry Ginger

It’s a lazy day so I’m posting some quotes from the porch and a video from Øresund Space Collective, a space-rock jam-band, whom I will write a post about at some point in the future (and a download link, of course).
Pepper Plant

the DL link for SpaceC and the professor