Black Metal and Relationship Advice Wednesday; The Meaning of Love and RHINOCERVS-13

Recently a friend asked me why his girlfriend told him she loved him and then flipped out and broke-up with him the next day, so today I am posting my response in a selfless effort to help others, along with the appropriate music for long-term, committed relationships; Black Metal.
When a man hears a woman say “I love you” he thinks she means something akin to a Hallmark commercial with pastel colors and the faint smell of baby powder in the background…
What a woman really means is, “I fully intend on torturing you for the rest of your natural life”. A woman can not torture a man and thus increase her Strong Powerful Woman score unless she is in a relationship with said man because otherwise he would just run away and it is in the rules that the torture is to be perment in order for full points to be rewarded.
The Strong Powerful Woman game is like a spider eating a fly very slowly for the amusement of the other spiders. All women are taught to play this game from childhood. The rules are officially presented to them in Middle School during the “sex-ed” class by a lesbian attorney (yes guys, while we were learning about how STD’s are treated the girls were being instructed on how to torture us efficiently).
Needless to say my friend and his girl are back togather.

Rhinocervs is part of the Black Twilight Circle playing raw black metal. Lo fi and gritty they have their own sound built on the foundations of USBM. The Rhinocervs tapes aren’t really explained, just put forth and that’s it; No hype, no story, no prima donna antics, just black metal.