4:19 Traffic Report with spaceC

This could be the start of a weekly 4:19 p.m. traffic report with my good friend and fellow electrician, spaceC.

There might be room for improvement besides for not holding the camera parallel to the ground. This might also become a weekly broadcast depending on if his wife doesn’t object and he doesn’t lose his phone between now and then…
There are also the technical problems involved with posting a live YouTube video, so we will film it a day or two in advance and hope for similar traffic. Either way you shouldn’t be looking at YouTube while driving or looking to one of us for driving advice either.
In fact I wrecked two company trucks two days in a row one time, and spaceC, well I’ve seen him repeatedly drive half off the road because the conversation engulfed him so thoroughly.

Weedeater and ASG show at Will’s Pub

The weedeater/ASG show Friday at Will’s Pub was awesome. My experiments with gravity took longer than expected so I missed Cough, but I did arrive in time to see ASG play.
I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard ASG before and so wasn’t expecting much, boy was I wrong. ASG plays down-tuned stoner/sludge with a intensity that turned half the floor into a mosh pit.
It really was a southern sludge metal show, half the crowd was construct-neck as fuck, there was even a guy wearing a welder’s cap. Which brings up a good point about Florida events; when the welders are present it is going to be excellent. I don’t know what makes old swamp-neck welders elite music critics, but there is definatly a correlation.
After ASG’s set weedeater started setting up and the bassist began screaming “crack-rock” into the mic and rubbing his nose for the sound check… which makes me wonder… I’ll leave that one alone though.
Whatever the underlying motivation for the tour, weedeater puts on an excellent show, and it was monumental with buzzing guitars, heavy riffs and screeched vocals, in other words awesome.