Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Strongblood- The Beaten Paths of Youth demo 2011

“They’re all whores, don’t want to admit it, but even our moms, that’s why we’re here”, a wise professor from a major university once told me. There is little more I can add to the subject, so I am leaving it at that.
Next week I will explain the historical explaination for the lack of women’s rights and sufferage until the 20th century.
Send relationship questions to and I will gladly share my wisdom and insights for the benefit of mankind.

Today’s selection is The Beaten Paths of Youth demo 2011 by Strongblood, a band out of Texas playing raw and fast black metal.
Obviously I think that they are pretty good, but some “anonymous” turd left a rude comment about this band on another blogspot basically proclaiming that Bone Awl is the only band in the US that is making and playing good lo fi black metal and any other USMB band isn’t worth listening to, and some more BS that I don’t recall at the moment, as happens quite a bit in this age of blogging.
It’s bad enough these ass-clowns are downing someone else’s creative work, but at least have the balls to sign one’s name to it.
Another example is the anonymous comment left on another blog degrading a local band’s black and white album cover; Really?! What about the music? Why did he even bother writing that? I bet that’s written by some crater-faced nineteen year old living in his mom’s basement who is just pissed off because he can’t get the taste of rotting tuna and yeast out of his mouth left behind by his Gothic bush-pig of a girlfriend.
Anyway, the band is good, and why does everyone have to compare every USBM band to Bone Awl?
Jesus Christ, so people think that in a country of 300 million people there is just ONE black metal band worth listening to???

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