Quotes from the porch and Øresund Space Collective

“What is that kid’s problem?? I wish a family member would have molested me as a kid, I would’ve gotten more allowence… ‘some call it hush money, but that’s how we express our love’.”

“Charlie, uh, you have dip running down your chin.”
“Thanks. Howe muuch do youe still owe on your stuedent looans?” Replied Charlie, the master electrician, through a golf ball sized piece of chewing tobacco. 

“Your favorite thing in the world. Yes. That’s better than tuna-hole.” -Angry Ginger

It’s a lazy day so I’m posting some quotes from the porch and a video from Øresund Space Collective, a space-rock jam-band, whom I will write a post about at some point in the future (and a download link, of course).
Pepper Plant

the DL link for SpaceC and the professor