Dead Meadow- Old Growth

Dead Meadow is a stoner/ psychedelic band formed in 1998 out of Washington DC indie scene. Their second album, Dead Meadow leans towards the neo-psychedelic spectrum. Over time and with member changes the band’s sound has evolved to the point where it is so unique as to sit outside of any genre label. Old Growth is the best example of this, without the slightly over-produced sound that The Three Kings has, even though it is a live album. Perhaps in the effort to clean up the sound too much was edited out losing some of the feel and depth so present in Old Growth .
While Old Growth is my favorite among their albums, they have not released anything that I would call bad or even average, so I will be posting some of their other albums in the future.
Also, the orginal drummer left the band to begin a career in law… it took the poor guy eight years to realize that was a mistake and he rejoined the band in 2010.
Sorry for the rapidshare links, I know they’re slow, but Mediafire has shut down seemingly every blogger’s account making it more difficult to find music for the time being.
dl old growth

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