Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Historical Explaination of the Lack of Women’s Suffrage Until The 20th Century and Dawn- Slaughtersun 1998

Growing up I was taught about the Women’s Right’s Movement in school and told that it was a great achievement, but never was it explained why it too so long. The basic premise seemed to be that ALL of our forefathers were insecure, chauvinistic assholes who choose to ignore half the brain-power of humanity.
My first clue that this explaination was off was the insight that it was women who had taught me about Women’s Suffrage… That’s like a vegan teaching how to grill a steak or an Afghani plumber. As Ben Franklin pointed out, women’s brains weigh less than men’s thus logic implies that they are not as smart as men either. However the true nature of women’s rights is explained by old Roman Law giving women roughly the same legal rights as goats.
The Romans were not a stupid people as I discovered after a half hour conversation with the Angry Ginger; thirty minutes and I still had no idea what her problem was. Had I devoted thirty minutes to trying to figgure out what a goat’s problem was I would likely have succeeded.
Another good example is that the first dildo was invented by a doctor to cure “female hysteria”, and the Rule of Tumb; Both are addressing the same basic problem of women who are aggitated and talking excessively.
Seriously, we (mankind) wouldn’t have had to devote this much time and effort to fixing them if they were our equals.
The Rule of Thumb for those who don’t already know, is a law that existed in some form in all of the original thirteen colonies stating that a man can’t beat his wife with anything larger around than his thumb.

Dawn is a Swedish blackened death metal band and for a while were thought to be the heir aparent to Dissection as “the” Swedish blackened-death band, but after this 1998 album the band faded (though still listed as active on metallum) and the genre as a whole moved onward from the blackened-death sound, but this is still one of my favorite albums of all time and have listened to it for days on repeat. Enjoy.

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