Ska and Rocksteady Thursday: Derrick Harriott Sings Jamaican Rocksteady-Reggae (1990)

Skatalites Thursday has evolved into Ska and Rocksteady Thursday. The Skatalites are the founding Ska band, but they were also a semi-studio-made band with a floating line-up so much so that the original band in the early 1960’s was more like a sampling of the Jamaican music scene. Because of this the explaination of songs and recording brings up other musicians, bands, DJ’s and producers, such as Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd, both of whom Derrick Herriott recorded hit singles for in 1960 & 1961 (wiki) but was never a Ska musician. Both Reid and Dodd recorded members of the Skatalites and other pioneering Jamaican musicians and their names always arise in any discussion of early Ska and are thus a perfect example of the natural evolution from Skatalites Thursday to Ska and Rocksteady Thursday.
Derrick Harriott is one of few surviving Jamaican musicians that witnessed and helped create Rocksteady and Reggae. I happened across this album and discovered that this was the guy who sang Lollipop Girl, and after reading his biography I decided he was the perfect example of being “in the scene” but not apart of the scene, because Derrick Harriott was never into Ska but was recording and performing around Jamaica at the time in a small group of Jamaican musicians at the time.

DL Derrick Harriott

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