Tides/ Giant split (2007)

Tides/ Giant split 2007, sludge/ post math rock, Tides is instrumental and the easier listen of the two. Giant is good, but the vocals and the composition of the song make the first couple of minutes a bit tedious, but it gets better.
I found out about Tides because some clown was downing them and Pelican and North saying this band he was reviewing was so much better and he couldn’t figgure out why they got so much more attention than the technical sludge metal band he was reviewing… I listened to all of the bands dingleberry mentioned and I suspect he is either in the technical sludge band or is afflicted with Down’s syndrome. That band wouldn’t sound good even with a full can of duster.
Anyway, I love splits and this one is a good example why; nice short album and two bands playing their favored songs. This one delevers and there is a download link also if anyone wants.

download the split