Baby Woodrose- Blows Your Mind! (2001)

Baby Woodrose is a psychedelic rock band from Denmark, named after Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, which is one of the only hallucinogenic plants discovered in modern times. It’s basically a variety of wild morning glory and these guys are big fans, as the title song, Blows You Mind implies.
It is a great album and my favorite of their discography, but everything is recorded by Lorenzo Woodrose with a bassist and drummer joining after this album. The new members added more to the garage rock sound, but the albums after this are clearly trying to recapture the sound and quality of this initial album.
This album has the energy and catchyness that Jefferson Airplane had with White Rabbit , and interestingly enough both bands couldn’t follow up those albums with new material the way Dead Meadow has been able to create multiple psychedelic albums that aren’t just rehashings of one work.
Definatly one for the collection.