Skatalites- Celebration Time

The Skatalites recorded Celebration Time in Studio One in the early 1960’s, I believe that it is a collection of the studios stock recordings of them released as an album at a later date.
In my search for information on this album I have uncovered some interesting facts about the Skatalites and early scene (here) and basically the only way to make a living as a musician at the time was to play in the hotel bands thus everyone knew and played with everyone else and out of this sprang two recording studios, a mobile dancehall craze swept the island and the bands playing for the solo artists were not credited or labeled at the time, so now there is a volume of “grey” recordings that one can only try and identify the individual musicians by ear (other than the singers of course). Next week I will explain in greater detail and how Bob Marley came up in this music community.

download Celebration Time

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