May 10th Rattail-Track-Bike Gay-Off at the Peacock Room

   This is what I get for listening to WPRK, I’m at the Peacock Room drinking a White Russian listening to Walk This Way and watching a lesbian that looks like Kevin from the Wonder Years lip-sing the crap. That’s not even the worst of it, all these dumb cratees talking and talking and talking about the dumbest shit and the only reason anyone listens to them is for a chance at the Stink-Hole. Good God. Not to get off subject, but do chicks really think that guys value their opinion and insights?! For real! If any of these guys believe the shit they are saying or are as intrested in a female opinion as they are acting, well, obviously they were breast-fed well into their teens… goddamn.
The Gay-Off, yeah. Some Ass-Clown at the door told me there was not a cover, but a $5 donation was required… I tried to tell him that was not a donation but a cover-charge and he proceeded to inform me that it was a donation since it was a worthy cause.
First off, a donation is not required. Second, Habitat for Humanity is not a worthy cause, it’s White People Building Crack-Houses. Fuck them, they can build their own houses.
Anyway, the Gay-Off is for some other ass-clown to ride 4,000 miles to raise money to build more Crack-Houses. There are two track-bikes being given away for the Sword-Fighting champions or some shit like that. It’s like a Dandy Warhols video in here, only with ugly chicks that need to use make-up.
This place needs some excitement, but the Mercenary won’t come out and I don’t want to look like the Drunken Asshole alone (White Russians are the Mercenary’s drink)… I don’t know what he went to war for if he isn’t going to get kicked out of a bar or two when he gets back…

Ghost Aquarium- Light Can Not Escape

Ghost Aquarium is Razor Ron’s indie project from the Hazel Street duplex, recorded in 2004. The third bonus track is Ghost Aquarium/Hazel Street Sluts covering GG Allin’s Die when you die with CCRR on vocals.
Listening to this reminds me of the hurricanes and sitting at the hazel street house, no power, just a hand-crank radio, humid as hell, 95° and all of us trying to grill a pizza drinking Busch beer.

download light can not escape

Ghost Aquarium