LIVE 4:19 Traffic Report #3 with SpaceC

Filmed LIVE, ahead of time, SpaceC and I hard are at work reporting the traffic, weather and the all new, Ich Index for those across the street. (note that ichy sleeves are not required today) The Ich Factor peaks once a calendar month, since no one is going to prescribe that shit to a pregnant woman. Though, last month she did almost fall into the ditch while checking the mail, twice.
There was a slight delay in this, the third broadcast, because last week SpaceC lost both his keys and his phone, so next week we are going to make a time machine, travel back in time to last week and find his phone. Maybe his keys too.

Swans- Cops (1984)

   Swans is a post-Punk/No Wave band from New York, (1982-1997, 2010-present) and last year is when I first heard about them, some blogger said that they are the band that everyone acts like they have been into for years, and that’s a perfect intro to this band.
Last year everyone (in the dainty on-line blogging world) was talking about them when they reformed and released My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope In The Sky, but honestly I am still unsure weather I like them or not. I picked this album because I had not heard it before.
New-Age Yankee-Yuppie-Noise is the term that comes to mind. I suspect this might have been playing in the background for the start of the AIDS epidemic. The first album Filth is better, but I still feel like I am missing something here.

official Swans site