Western Standard Time- A Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites (2009)

I found this over at SkaRevolution69 and while I don’t normally like tribute albums because the majority of the time it is just bands who are lacking in creativity rehashing old music. However there are exceptions, like Leadbelly made a career out of playing cover songs in his own unique style and tempo, and Western Standard Time is one of those exceptions.
While it isn’t the Skatalites and it isn’t recorded on a single track reel-to-reel, it is an album made by musician of the same caliber with modern recording methods.
Honestly, I would say that this is the best new Ska album I’ve heard in the past ten years. None of the cheese-factors from Two-Tone and Third Wave are present and as the name implies the sound is more big band oriented. There is another YouTube video below of a studio session for anyone who is intrested.

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