Øresund Space Collective- Entering into the Space Country (2010)

ØSC is a space-rock jam-band with American, Danish and Swedish musicians and bunches of other talented people from other bands sitting in on different sessions. They play unscripted spacey-jam-sessions, so songs aren’t repeated and I believe there are sound-checks that break the seven minute mark and sessions of more than two hundred minutes.
SpaceC pointed out that the name is derived from the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Last FM explains how the sessions alternate between cities on either side of the bridge, thus the name.
It is mellow mood music and very listenable. They have a significant amount of work and most of it is available streaming over bandcamp, which is OK because it really isn’t music for being on the move anyway.
Also I am going to check out and post about some of the other bands mentioned in the Last FM biography since there seems to be a whole space/jam scene in northern Europe that I am relatively uninformed about, and if ØSC is an indicator there is a lot more good music to be found.