Otomo- getaway songs (2012)

   Here is an instrumental post-rock two-piece that I heard about over at spacerockmountain.
   Instrumental songs should tell a story and the story told by this album is fucking wierd, but interesting, kinda like the diary of a manic-depressive snorting Zoloft.
Like most instrumental post-rock albums it sounds much better played as an album rather than a collection of songs, BTW.

35007- Liquid (2006)

35007 (Loose upside-down spelled on a calculator) is a stoner/space rock band from the Neatherlands, formed in the late eighties, they would have psychedelic visuals projected behind them while they played, which is cheesy but pretty cool at the same time. Also, there was a bit of a roving line-up and their last three albums were instrumental, for lack of a singer and just because. Wiki describes them with stoner, psychedelic, space and progressive rock tags. While I can identify those elements 35007 has a distinct sound that defies those boundaries and is a band like Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout is a beer;
Oatmeal Stout is going to be as good as a pregnant nun on a hot summer day, but in the proper setting an ice cold Oatmeal South in a frosty glass is superb, just like 35007 isn’t a leave-on-repeat group, but a great choice for a chill Sunday afternoon.

download Liquid


LIVE 4:19 Traffic Report #3 with SpaceC

Filmed LIVE, ahead of time, SpaceC and I hard are at work reporting the traffic, weather and the all new, Ich Index for those across the street. (note that ichy sleeves are not required today) The Ich Factor peaks once a calendar month, since no one is going to prescribe that shit to a pregnant woman. Though, last month she did almost fall into the ditch while checking the mail, twice.
There was a slight delay in this, the third broadcast, because last week SpaceC lost both his keys and his phone, so next week we are going to make a time machine, travel back in time to last week and find his phone. Maybe his keys too.

Swans- Cops (1984)

   Swans is a post-Punk/No Wave band from New York, (1982-1997, 2010-present) and last year is when I first heard about them, some blogger said that they are the band that everyone acts like they have been into for years, and that’s a perfect intro to this band.
Last year everyone (in the dainty on-line blogging world) was talking about them when they reformed and released My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope In The Sky, but honestly I am still unsure weather I like them or not. I picked this album because I had not heard it before.
New-Age Yankee-Yuppie-Noise is the term that comes to mind. I suspect this might have been playing in the background for the start of the AIDS epidemic. The first album Filth is better, but I still feel like I am missing something here.

official Swans site

Laurel Aitken- The Original Cool Jamaican Ska (2009)

This is a re-issue of the 1964 album of the similar name, plus 20 bonus tracks. This is most of Aitken’s Ska recordings up until 1964, with most of the Skatalites playing as the studio band in most of the songs. There are hints of the political climate and the roots of rastafarianism and reggae throughout this album.
HERE is another more in-depth review. Enjoy.


Relationshio Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women, Pie Graphs and Bone Awl- So I Must Take From The Earth (2006)

I’m doing the Laundromat-Pub-Crawl, at Jax’s looking at two blond 40 year old couger/bar-hags with a guy and… OK, my point is that both of those tanning-bed-brown blondes seem to think that the Mississippi river-snake is the size of a toddler’s arm and they obviously want it, probley at the same time too.
Watching the scene across the bar it occurs to me that if those two’s IQs were ten points lower they would be Friends of the Road and knobbing-off a pair of Paki truckers on I-95 tonight instead of these more dignified antics.
My point being that women all display a handfull of the same basic personality traits, such as bitchiness, stupidity, slutiness, mothering, cooking, and despising male happiness, just in varying proportions.
For example compare Hillary Clinton to Jenna Jameson; Hillary is obviously the bitchier of the two and Jenna is the sluttier, no doubt. It’s not that Jenna isn’t bitchy just that she is more slutty than anything else. Like a pie graph. The same as Hillary isn’t not a slut, it is just that she is far more bitch than slut. But, if while touring Africa she came across a 15 year old porter in her hotel room, it would probley look like a rabid mountian lion attacked the poor boy.
“So I walk into the VIP entrance six months later and that same stripper walks up to me, sticks her hand up my shorts grabs my cock and says, ‘You going to pay for pussy tonight’?
Ohh I paid for pussy that night. And $5 for a condom.”

Yes, I am on the Bone Awl bandwagon. They’re an awesome two-piece from Novato, CA. This is a demo from 2006, back before everyone and their brother worshipped this band… but there is a good reason why everyone loves them this demo is a good example of why with