Black Tusk show at the Social last Tuesday (5/29)

Municipal Waste played at the Social on Tuesday and RK talked me into going. I’ve never really cared for thrash, but Black Tusk was playing and I have wanted to see them play for a while.
Black Tusk had started playing by the time we got there and while the acoustics suck in the Social (vaulted ceilings with lots of right angles) they played with intensity and enthusiasm and gently wafting beards…
I would not have called either band “beard metal” but I learn something new every day. I used to think Beard Metal was a musical genre, but come to find out it is referencing the fans, thus the lower case letter designation; beard metal.
All shapes and sized of beards and clowns attached to them, but there was also the copious amount of good looking women, which is often an indication that a band playing has hit the mainstream; Municipal Waste. Their fans really clenched the deal on me not liking them, a bunch of Winter Park kids who grew beards and think they are cool, besides for the suspicion that the singer jerks off while smiling at himself in the mirror… Yeah that was the biggest bunch of ass-clowns I’d seen in a while, along with the security guards waddling around with stern, meaningful expressions on their faces… Which brings up the question of why were men with thyroid and or eating disorders hired as security? One drunk who is proficient at giving tittie-twisters could cause some real chaos.


“The beard defines the man” -RK.

“If it wasn’t for the beard he would just be the fat guy in suspenders” -Apogeematt

“Be a man and grow a beard” -Random Guy (bearded)