The Ass-Clown

I had to remove the last Skatalites post and the video from YouTube because some clown complained, so that’s that.  Here is his comment and my reply;


Jason Lawless wrote;

PLEASE REMOVE THIS CONTENT. IT IS THE PROPERTY OF THE BAND AND YOU SHOULD RESPECT THEM. Video take downs are being issued as we speak as well.


I took down all videos as per your request, I don’t know who you are and I really don’t care either. Music is made to be listened to and musicians make money by playing music, it has been that way since the dawn of time.
It doesn’t look like you are in the band, so I am guessing you are just some clown trying to make a living off of musicians work, whatever your role and or interest, your actions resulted in fewer people listening to the music. In the era of bandcamp, filestube, depositfile and all the other novelties of the internet I suspect that attitudes such as yours are ultimately going to be exposed as counter-productive and people such as yourself will have to find more productive ways to earn a living.
But whatever, good for you, hold on to that for as long as you can, buddy.
By the way, I like how you used all caps in your comment to me, it seems like the faceless anonymity of the internet emboldens you, because I am quite confident that you would not raise your voice with me in person.

Have a nice day, boy,
(ApogeeMatt of StoneOfTheSwamp)