Uni-Nostril, the watchful internet and God Is An Astronaut – Suicide By Star (2008)

Here is a random suggestion from YouTube, because as I write this I am at Starbucks so it will take a while to download. I obviously don’t have the attention-span to wait, so I am writing this blindly.
In the year 2012 does the internet know what music I will like and is it turning me onto a band I haven’t heard of and will love and listen to for years to come? Has the internet become so powerful and all-knowing that it knows my tastes in music as well as I do myself???!! Was Uni-Nostril right??!!
Several years ago I worked for this company, and the owner would get a very large bag of sniff and contemplate the universe, much like Steven Hawkins, only Hawkins doesn’t do it for five days straight… I’m assuming anyway.
During one of these marathon brain-storming sessions he deduced that the internet was watching him through the computer monitors. So he did the next logical thing and threw away all seven moniters, spray-paints an explaination on the wall for the estimators and secretaries and then goes downtown to the City of Orlando to pull a permit.
While at the permitting office he was asked for identification, which he found to be utterly preposterous and he said something to that effect. Soon it became apparent that there were far too many computer monitors, well, monitoring him, so he went down to his truck to reassess the situation.
While he was in his truck, contemplating, the police happen upon him… one thing lead to another and Uni-Nostril ended up explaining to them that the sandwich bag full of thought-powder was strictly for his personal use. His company lasted another year or so after that… However to this day he somehow manages to find work as an estimator, but the really interesting aspect is how he manages to generate bids using a laptop with the screen completely covered up with duct tape (no lie).


Well I’ll be damned, Uni-Nostril was right all these years. God is an Astronaut is a great band out of Ireland (I hate the Irish) playing instrumental post-rock/space-rock.

God is an Astronaut at MySpace