4:19 SpaceC Rescue Mission to the PAST

RK and I built a time-machine to go to the past to look for SpaceC (and his phone). It is complex piece of engineering, so I’m not going to take the time to explain all of the technical specifications, but it does have “On” and “Off” buttons.
We will fearless journey to the past, and as always, document it LIVE, via YouTube. Now in High Definition.
SpaceC, don’t worry, we’re coming to get you.

The Toaster- Skaboom (1987)

The Toasters are often thought to be the first “Third-Wave” ska band (Wiki), with this being the first such album. I would go even further and say that their sound is so appealing and energetic that they sold the world on ska as a genre.
Third Wave Ska is universal music that brings a smile to one’s face. It’s happy music where the vocals often follow the lead of the instrumentals making Japanese or Spanish ska just as listenable and enjoyable as American bands.
I used to love Third Wave in high school, not to the extent of dressing in checkers and making a spectacle out of myself, but I was quite fond of the music. There must be a threshold for how many hours a person can truly enjoy Third Wave because now I can only listen to a few songs at a time…

download Skaboom

Also, last week’s YouTube-only Skatalites post had to be pulled down because some ass-clown who isn’t in the band complained. He was quite rude and that attitude surprised and insulted me because ska used to be a very friendly DIY scene, so I found another link to download the album, yet again, so that everyone can enjoy it.
Fans will naturally pay to see bands play, just as they will buy merchandise over the internet. Downloading music is not some cardinal-sin, it is just portrayed as such by non-musicians trying to makes a living off of the music industry and a few bands that can not seem to grasp economic realities. I mean there are still sound waves reverberating around from the Big-Bang for Christ’s sake! And these guys expect payment for canned sound??? So please, download and enjoy.
download the new Skatalites album,”Walk With Me”