Burzum- Burzum (1992)

Burzum is Varg Vikernes’ solo project, before he murdered Euronymous (of Mayhem), who oddly enough does the guitar solo in War.
The life sentence in Norway was raised from 16 to 21 years because of Varg, in addition to killing Euronymous he was also convicted of burning four ancient churches to the ground and when he was initially arrested he was found with 300 pounds of explosives, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and a two year supply of food.
Vikernes claims that he shouldn’t have been convicted of arson because no one actually saw him set the fires.
Supposedly he was also planning on bombing a Communist Punk squat (basically an old vacant building full of smelly punk rock kids who just want to pan-handle and be bums), which is cool, I mean, at least he was trying to make the world a better place.
Either way Burzum is classic, in every sense of the word, likely the strongest single influence in all of Black Metal. After his release from prison Bulrus was released and is easily the best metal album of the past ten years.
Here is the wiki article explaining the rest of that story for those who don’t already know.


Burzum official site


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