Favorite 100 Albums; Devin The Dude- Just Tryin ta Live (2002)

Time for the Favorite 100 Albums post and this selection is a bit of a departure from my normal posts, notably, this is the first rap post. However this album made the list based on it’s own merit, with clever semantics, excellent cinematography (in the video) and an unmistakable underground cult air about it, it is 2000’s era classic. In fact this album is so underground and cult that a friend of mine had this CD stolen, three different times… yes he lived in the hood. Yes, he should have been locking his truck. Yes, maybe he is a bit slow for letting it happening three times.
Either way this is defiantly a classic and the whole album is available streaming, but the video of Lacville ’79 is priceless and I would encourage everyone to watch it. Made before the recession, back when everyone was doing well during the boom, he is talking about how crappy his car is and how he stashes regs under his dashboard and how he got a woman to steal car parts for him… Devon is the man.

download Just Tryin ta Live