Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Hard Working Women and Ondskapt- Dödens Evangelium (2005)

Recently a friend commented about how dispite her other flaws his girlfriend “is a hard worker”, but I observed that she has to be a hard worker in order to get out of the problems she creates for herself.
This seems to be a common theme with the females of The Daycare Generation, because the Angry Ginger turned replacing the radiator in her car into a five day marathon ordeal, complete with a mile long march at 2 pm in 95° heat, while wearing high heels.
Many women of our generation really aren’t hard workers they are just proficient at creating problems for themselves and are thus constantly busy. Hard work is being used to cover bad, impulsive decisions.
Any fool can work hard, the goal is to work smart. Fifteen years in construction in Florida has taught me that hard work is not rewarded with great pay and career oppturnities. In fact, the normal reward at this time of year is a severe case of jock ich.
Besides for that, bonus points are not awarded for cleaning up one’s own mess.
Hell, even the Special Olympics doesn’t give a metal to the runner that gets lost and then find their way back onto the track.

Ondskapt is a Swedish Black Metal band, playing quite ordinary black metal. The only notable aspect is that the lyrics are in Swedish which is abnormal because as a rule general rule black metal lyrics are sung in English. I’d never heard of this band before a week ago and thought I’d share.