Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The similarities of women, children and household pets and Impaled Nazarene – Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1993)

Recently the Angry Ginger commented on how children “listen to men so much better than they do women”, which was an interesting statement considering her dog just took a dump on my living room floor and both my cat and dog were still hiding because they didn’t want to get blamed for the feces…
The Angry Ginger goes on explaining her point by bringing up the time her nephew was being a little terror in a retail store and all I did was touch his shoulder and speak into his ear and he straightened right up.
Her observation got me to thinking about why it was that children, pets, hell, even women too, all of them don’t think a man is serious unless he starts yelling.
Honestly, I understand why children and dogs have to be screamed at; dogs and children don’t come house-broken. Obviously if something doesn’t have enough sense not to crap inside it needs to be yelled at just to get the point across, volume makes it easier for their simplistic minds to absorb the message.
Women, on the other hand, are house-broken, but they too seem to suffer the same short-comings. Several years ago the Angry Ginger and I were returning to her condo when one of the neighbors, a drunk, over-weight female attorney, purposely bumped the Ginger’s car with her own car, because she didn’t like the way the Angry Ginger was driving.
I got out of the car and words were exchanged, I didn’t raise my voice because I already suspected that the neighbors thought I was a bit off and so I didn’t want to look like the nut-case shouting in the street.
Anyway, I ended up retreating back to the car, at that point just wanting to go home and burn one, however, the drunk female attorney did not believe me when I told her to get away, and followed me back to the car.
The Angry Ginger’s shout and my hand in my tool bag compelled the attorney’s boyfriend to quickly drag her away…
When we got back to the condo the Angry Ginger wanted to call the police, and I still just wanted to burn one. I explained to her that I just wanted to let the matter drop.
An hour later I was watching that fat little attorney being led away in handcuffs…
“You don’t need to yell. God” -the Angry Ginger.
The point doesn’t get across.

Impaled Nazarene has an awesome drummer. Musically it is solid, but not a serious album at all. I don’t remember what compelled me to pick this album, but it is entertaining for the cheese factor.