Random Downloads

Random Downloads;

This is the beginning of a new section where I share some of the music I have been downloading lately from other blogspots along with my own brief analysis along with links to both the downloads and blogs.

Corgnir; GhostsOfSaturn Average black metal, not particularly impressive, good fast black metal played by talented musicians. (74%)

Svn-Okklt.com Erie. Recommended.
Din of Awakening download

NoCleanSinging, Ash Borer Good black metal played by good musicians, but I’m not seeing what all the hype is about.

BloggersInTheNorth Fullmoon Polish NSBM from the early 1990’s, lo-fi and with a medieval gothic sound. This is a recording from the early Polish NSBM scene which is the start of NSBM as a definable genre, as such it is a music collectable. Highly recommended because these early Polish recordings are pretty hard to find at times.
download the hate


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