Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Solving Unemployment and None Shall Escape The Wrath split (2000)

Today’s relationship advice is about solving unemployment.
I was reading about Spain’s 25% unemployment rate among Generation Loser (25-34 year olds) and the woes suffered by the economy worst hit by the recession, of the industrialized countries.
There are “Time Banks” springing up all over Spain where people donate their time and get someone else’s time in return. Everyone’s time is equal, the lawyer’s hour has the same value as the dog-walker’s, which is a great deal for the lawyer.
Instead of having these fruity Time Banks to help the unemployed it strikes me that the easier way to lower the unemployment rate is to make it illegal for women to work.
Not all women would be required to return to the kitchen, just those who can’t provide a logical reason why they shouldn’t be at the house cleaning something. And FYI ladies, calling me an asshole isn’t a logical reason.
It’s not that I am saying that all women are inferior to men and have no place in the workforce, just most of them. There are also plenty of men who are pretty worthless and something needs to be done about them also if the unemployment problem is to be solved.
Besides for my Return to the Kitchen Initiative all men who “stand up” and oppose this logical and reasonable initiative on the grounds of “Women’s Rights” should be publicly branded a woman and forced to sit down to urinate and to clean things for a living.
For real, if you’re going to say such feminine shit then you need to stay away from the urinals so that the men can use them.
Besides for that it strikes me that most of the “men” who “stand up” for women’s rights work inside because they don’t like to sweat, like a woman.
Seriously, I’ve heard all kinds of things on construction sites; sheep-fucking jokes, “barrel” jokes and joking references to every part of women except their “rights”.
Since we build things, construction workers are experts on all things, everything from women’s role in in society to raising children (1/2″ PVC pipe) to house-breaking dogs (1/2″ PVC pipe).
If women were ment to work outside of the house the stove wouldn’t come with a clock. Seriously. Men wear watches on their wrist and don’t need a 200 pound weight attached to it to keep us from losing it. If stoves were made to be used by men they wouldn’t come with clocks. It is all perfectly obvious, I really don’t know why I am the only one who has pointed this out.

This week’s Black Metal selection is the None Shall Escape The Wrath split from 2000; A four way split with bands from all over, it is unusual in its length and quality.
Judas Iscariot is one of the 1990’s best solo-USBM projects, an incredible sound played with single-minded ferocity, however the entire album is very good also, with no band really out-shining the rest.
For the collector of Black Metal albums this is a must have, originally released on vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Everyone else probably doesn’t care.

download split


1 thought on “Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Solving Unemployment and None Shall Escape The Wrath split (2000)

  1. So ….. I cook, clean, and work. While I allow my husband to play video games and go on adventures. The question should be, why do men between 25-40 act like children who need their mommy to do everything for them. The only thing that men seem to be able to do on their own is wipe their ass (quality not assured) and jack off; and even them they want women to finish it. So tell me again why I should be shackled to a stove?

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