Tortoise- It’s All Around You (2004)

   Tortoise is a post rock band from Chicago playing instrumental music with many different elements, influences and styles, as is apparent in this video; jazz, electronica, Wiki explains how this band gained attention early on because they were one of the first to step away from the strictly rock and roll influences and start incorporating other sounds into “Indie” music.  And they have two drummers playing facing each other, which allows for more complex songs.
   Besides for all that they are almost an “Indie” supergroup and were noticed from the start because of this, evidently, because this is a band that I have heard about for quite some time but never listened to, so this is new to me also.
   I put the Ska and Rocksteady Thursdays on hold, in part, to expand my horizons beyond the same music I have been listening to for years, and this is a perfect example of that idea paying off; Tortoise has an awesome and unique, almost jam-bam sound and I see why I have heard so much about them.



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