OM- Pilgrimage (2007)

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been delayed as I have had a busy week because oddly enough the Angry Ginger decided to move in, so next week my profound advice will resume. Until then I have post already prepared;
Yes, more OM, I’ve been on a kick and listening to them almost constantly. Perfect session music, droning and so hypnotic it is psychedelic, “You get higher listening to this” -RK.
Al Cisneros is on bass and vocals and Chris Haikus is on drums, so this is most of the band Sleep, but with a focus on meditative rock/drone. Sleep is a hard act to follow, but OM lives up to and surpasses the legacy and explores new territory strongly influenced by Tibetan chant.
Absolutely sick, I don’t think this music will ever get “old”.

“What’s weirder than jacking-off in a port-o-potty is working around a bunch of sweaty Mexicans with a hard-on”

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