Black Flag- The Process of Weeding Out (1985)

Instrumental Black Flag from 1985… Danger Dobbs recommended this album and is quite fond of it and the jazz influences and undertones. This is defiantly exploring new territory and is a classic release, no doubt. Myself though, I don’t “get it” as an album. In fact, this album is probably a good example of why I don’t appreciate Black Flag; It is not that I think they are bad, per se, but it is obvious that there other people who like Black Flag far, far more than I do.
In fact there are so many people who enjoy listening to Black Flag that the government has stepped in and taken measures so that fans can not download a free copy of this album… 27 years after it was recorded, by a “Do-It-Yourself” movement… So this is a YouTube only post, again.
I am glad someone has nothing better to do than worry about shit on the internet.

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