Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Why Women Don’t Get Along and Bone Awl

Has anyone else noticed how women don’t really get along? Two women living togather is akin to feeding a pair of pit-bulls togather; It might work for a moment, but sooner or later blood will be drawn. The same logic also applies to women living togather.
The reason for this is that women are inherently evil. Evil doesn’t work like negatives do in algebra where two negatives cancel each other out and create something positive; Ohh no, women don’t operate like that, it becomes a contest for being the dominant evil. It is almost like the Fire Marshall put a limit on how many people can be occupy one building just the same as Nature specifies how many straight, adult, females can live in the same dwelling; (1).

Yes, more Bone Awl. I have been on a post-rock/post-punk/post-hardcore kick for a couple weeks and haven’t been feeling black metal too much lately. That and the Great Imperial Federal File Erase earlier this year hit Black Metal pretty badly so it is harder to find good black metal albums.
Either way I love Bone Awl and am assuming everyone else does also.