The Kills- Rodeo Town (2004)

Here again we have a YouTube only post, but this time it seems that the artists themselves don’t want people listening to their music.
This couple, playing emotional rock… yeah ok whatever. Haven’t they been living together for like a decade? It’s just lame for them to be playing that type music, and with a drum machine, of course.
The pictures that come up during this song go further to explaining what clowns these two are, some British butt-pirate and some chick from Florida who probably thinks she is special and cosmopolitan because doesn’t live in Florida anymore.
I listened to this because I saw that Coyotes in the Room covered this song, but once I saw those lame photos I just had to post something. I mean really look at these two; imagine what they must have looked like while posing for those pictures. You can hear them thinking how cool they are and how envious everyone is of their coolness.
They are so cool they gave each other names, and they tell people about it as if it should impress someone with their creativity. I can’t remember what stupid names that they came up with exactly, but something like Hair-Grease-Duffus and $20 Raw-Dog-Ride.
This is just too easy, I’ll stop now.

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