Sioum- “I Am Mortal But Was Fiend” (2010)

“Sioum is an instrumental trio from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois ” (Last FM) playing post-metal fused with classical and chiptune (video game sounds, yeah, that’s a new one on me too). It sounds real weird and is at moments, but overall it is pretty good. Definatly a new sound, and it is available for free or streaming via bandcamp. I’m not sure how much I like it. Seems like an odd thing to say, but it’s true.
They are instrumental so there is a natural point in their favor not having complex music polluted by someone’s voice. There are also moments when the sound approaches cheesy. Their songs are a collection of “moments”; That is to say in most of their songs there are several different moments with a distinct riff that resounds strongly, striking the listener, weather to or against their tastes. The songs are constructed almost like novelettes, which I find intresting if nothing else.
Enjoy… or detest.

Bandcamp Free download

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