The Skatalites

I write this on a lazy Sunday afternoon, enjoying the perfect weather central Florida has at the moment; 84°and 60% humidity, perfect for sitting on the porch and listening to music, and generally taking it easy…
The kidney/ laser surgery I had last Monday has put me down and totally disrupted my routine, essentially putting everything in my life on hold until the good doctor removes the stint tomorrow (Monday, I write ahead of time).
For those who don’t know what I am talking about when I refer to the “stint”, just count yourself lucky, this is a blog about music, not the brutal things doctors do with garden hoses and a man’s pecker-hole under the guise of “healing”.
Anyway, gory details aside I was browsing through YouTube looking for something to write about and somehow ended up on the Skatalites and started noticing songs that I had never heard of and some also that I barely remembered at all.
So today’s post is just a conglomeration of old Skatalites songs (I don’t have the “umph” to go rooting through the internet trying to find good and authentic recordings of all these albums… I’m taking it easy for the moment, you know what I mean?)
I suppose that is it. Til tomorrow,ApogeeMatt


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