The Dead of Winter split (2012)

This is one of 2012’s best splits, in a year of mediocre releases this stands out like a shining gem of new, old school styled death metal. Yes, I’ve already heard the derogatory things said about the new wave of bands playing death in this style, and I don’t care. Neither band is rehashing old music or copying an older band’s sound or style so I’m not sweating it.
Undergang is the perfect example of what I’m talking about; A three piece out of Copenhagen, Denmark that sound like they went to Lyman High School with Death back in the mid-1980’s, playing some of the absolute best death metal I’ve ever heard.
Funebrarum is out of New Jersey and play death that I enjoy almost as much as Undergang, they’ve been around since 1999 but I don’t know too much else about them, so I will do a post about them alone at a later date, since they’ve been around for a while I feel compelled to find out and download more of their stuff.
Anyway this was released back in February and I’d ment to listen to it and had totally forgotten until this morning. Enjoy. Well, if you like death metal. If you don’t like death metal then you’ll likely hate this and turn on the radio and listen to what Corporate America considers music.

download the split