Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Expectations and White Medal- Agbrigg Beast (2010)

This week’s Relationship Advice is about realistic expectations. A friend of mine pointed out the other day that the source of strife in relationships is caused by one partner not living up to the other’s expectations. Weather it be cheating, children or finances. This might seem like an observation that is merely stating the obvious, but it is true. No two people are going to see eye to eye on everything, so logically things are going to be done by both partners that irk one another, it is only natural.
The real question is what is important. All women are bitchy and slutty in different proportions. That is why we are here (as a species) and we are not living in caves;
If women were just bitchy and not slutty we would have died out thousands of years ago, and if they were just slutty we would still be living in trees like monkeys. But, they are both and that is what motivated prehistoric man to start building dwellings; to try and get them (women) to shut up and bend over.
Now, modern America makes it very hard for the average Joe to make ends meet on one, sole, income. The basic economic explanation for this is the Industrial Revolution and because women work outside of the home. Like it or not, now a days it is an economic reality that everyone needs to get along. If not with a spouse then with a room-mate.
Ohhhh, what’s that? Room-mates are different? The expectations are much lower and the basic rules of civil discourse normally apply… ohh yeah, way different.
When RK and his wife first lived together she politely asked him to stop peeing in the kitchen sink, and he did and they have lived happily ever after.
It’s all about give and take.

Yet another solo-project band from England with lyrics about pagan shit. (No this isn’t about the Christian “metal” band)
I picked this randomly from the all-knowing internet, (YouTube), and I was slightly drunk also, because they aren’t sounding as stellar as I was thinking. Maybe 10:30 a.m. isn’t the time for black metal also…