Burzum- Belus (2010)

This is Burzum’s first album after being released from prison and is unbelievable. It has been called the best metal album of the past decade by more than a few people.
Best Metal album, not even limiting it to Black Metal, is a pretty strong statement. Normally, I would try and refute such an obviously absurd statement, however, I can not readily think of another metal album that is as good as this, not even Ride the Lightening.
Yes, I dared to say it. Burzum is better than Metallica. Yes, Varg’s crazy ass playing all instruments, blows Metallica totally, utterly, and completely, out of the water. This one album makes Metallica and their entire discography look like the BS-Corporate-America-Metal that it really is.
This album is about the Norwegian Sun god, Baldr, and his daily trek across the sky. Belus is one if the oldest names for this god. Originally the album was to be entitled “The White God”, however, that name was deemed to be politically incorrect.



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