⸮NEWS FLASH!⸮ Nutty Cock and Nuts Sodomy Zine CONTINUES!

The Nutty Cock and Sodomy ‘zine is slated to come out with issue #14 next month!!!
For those readers who aren’t from Orlando and don’t know Das But, he has a demented sense of humor which he deleveres with an absolute monotone voice, saying the most outrageous things with a stone cold expression. Supposedly,one time, things happened, one thing lead to another, bla bla bla, and the French government told him to leave France and never to speak of France or the French again…
Obviously he has good things to say if the country that doesn’t defend itself is butt-hurt by what he says.
So check out the link below that explains the history of the ‘zine and why those Food not Bombs turds are real clowns. If you like the art, help him out and send him a buck or two.



Bullet LaVolta – S/T (1988)

Boston post punk from the late 80’s/ early 90’s that I happened across on YouTube. I’m not a big fan but it is interesting so I thought I would share.
Also, I posted a link to another (now defunct) blogspot review which is pretty good, and the link to their Wiki article. Random, old and obscure, a good one for the digital collection at least.

Another review