***SPECIAL HALLOWEEN REPORT*** Psycho 78 show at Will’s Pub (2012) [8th annual]

Ok I was way,way off about the show. It was last Saturday and I did make it (as I am writing while attending)… but it is pretty lame so far.
Ten minutes later same thing to report, this is not cool in my book. No one to ridicule. Beves assures me Dung and Yakke will be here soon, but I have to work in the morning and it is 10:34 pm already, so I am calling it a night.
The Misfits cover band goes on at midnight and Beves assures me that it is “punk rock” to stay up late, but I’m not seeing it. So I am ending this show review with the sad observation that… I’nl… IBM…
In the sad observatory of the drunk. God I was hammered, Dung and Yakke showed up a few minutes later and it was festive. Seth and his wife also attended (sorry guys, I don’t have any witty nicknames for you), which reminds me that I the been meaning to post about his band for quite some time, which is sk8 punk, and honestly I am so hung over at the moment that I can’t form good thoughts and sentences much less write them.
The band went on at midnight and my BAC was nearing the point where I shouldn’t be in public or speaking to people.
So I excused myself, actually I stumbled off without saying goodbye, and managed to get home without throwing my bike into a lake or hurting myself.
In case you were wondering why I choose 6:41 p.m. to post this; sunset in Orlando. Happy Halloween.


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