Sunn O)))- White 1 (2003)

200-some posts and I haven’t touched on Sunn O))) yet, which struck me as odd until I realised that I really haven’t listened to Sunn O))) much and the only albums of theirs I had gotten from M and had never really listened to them much other than on job sites with the iPod on shuffle, which is not the proper setting to enjoy drone/doom, at all.
The Sunn O))) album I picked was White1, a random selection from their mountain of work, which got an average review of 76% from six reviews on Metallum.
This sounds like a crumby introduction, but Sunn O))) is not a band that grabs the listener and the music isn’t made to be perceived that way either.
White1 is almost an hour of super heavy, low and muddy droning riffs pierced with haunting poetry/vocals/weirdness.
It takes a while to get into the mood of the album but once there this is a sick album.
The second time I listened to this I started thinking that this really was a good example of Sunn O))) because this is a mid-way point in the progression of their sound, which the reviews explain with older fans feeling shunned because they seemed to expect a simple regurgitation of older albums, and others are simply not fans of the genre, which is understandable.
This album is an excellent introduction to Sunn O))) and drone/ambient in general, which I love, but it has been an acquired taste.



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