My friend Cullen died yesterday morning on his motorcycle… Saw him little more than a week ago, had a good session, in fact he wouldn’t let me ride that bike because I had been drinking.
It seems like just yesterday (1998) when he “borrowed” his dad’s car (his dad was asleep) and came up to the shopping center to skate with all of us, casual as could be, even though he was fifteen and didn’t even have a learner’s permit.
Always with a smile and a quick laugh, Cullen you are missed.

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesdays; Overweight Girls Are Not Like Scooters and Szron

Question: “What do fat girls and scooters have in common?”
“They’re both fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to see you riding either one.”
That is not true. CCRR has a 125cc Yamaha scooter and I can’t help but smile when I ride it, I look like a dink, but it is fun to ride.
Not so with the fat girl I rode once. Wow, that was the one time I really questioned my sexuality. CZ is not right on this one, fat girls are not “like a thousand tities all at once”.
CCRR believes in “doing his own stunts”, and I can agree with that notion because while I am slightly disturbed by the memory it is still a funny story. RK called her ” Sam Kennision” and she was shaped like a beach ball… Whatever, he is the only person I’ve heard refer to an Asian masseuse as his “girlfriend”.

Szron is a Polish black metal band, one of the better Eastern European black metal bands. The Poles have always had an interesting take on metal and while more often than not the music is quite innovative. A good example is that a decade ago most of the decent NSBM bands were from Poland and the Ukraine (With the notable exception of Evil from Brazil, and I am commenting on NSBM as a genre, not it’s message). The lo-fi, raw black metal sound that we all love now was being experimented with years ago by racist young Poles.
As with many Polish bands the tempo and riffs are a bit jangly, which seems to be a national trademark, but it is good solid black metal. In strictly musical terms Szron is to black metal what Offspring is to alternative. Worth a listen and interesting because many eastern European bands receive less coverage so this is new music for some of us. Enjoy.