iPod Roulette | Finnr’s Cane

Thursday, time for iPod Roulette!

Finnr’s Cane came up today, I don’t recall downloading this band and listening to their first video on YouTube I can say that they aren’t too bad for ambient black metal.
reviews on Metallum
After reading the Metallum article about this band I discovered that part of their interesting sound comes from them using the cello for the bass aspects of their music.
Overall though, post-black metal/dark-ambient is a thoughly explored genre and this band is not overly innovative. And evidently they jealousy guard their music so I was unable to find a download. The cello is a novel idea but “novel” is about as good as it gets, earning them a score of 55%.
The entire genre has become a collection of cover bands playing not the same songs, but the same style song with different riffs, and this is a prime example.

offical site

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