Higher Council of Mars

Higher Council of Mars is a stoner/space band from Blackpool, UK that has since split-up. Metallum doesn’t list them and they are not quite metal, and there is a thick soundscape with spoken clips.
While decent the album comes across as a solo project and trying too hard to be sludge metal. Some songs go from low and mellow to screamed vocals and heavy metal riffs and back to low and mellow and back… way too many times and then the album abruptly ends. The riffs and soundscape are good, but the spoken clips and vocals diminish the songs along with them being too long. This album has too many musical ideas jammed into it and ends so abruptly that it strikes the listener like the radio had been unplugged.
I started out high hopes for this album but it left me disappointed and I am not surprised that they split-up. 65%

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