Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Are Sneaky and Cultes Des Ghoules/SZRON- Ridden With Holy Grace/The Black Prophecy split (2011)

   Women are naturally sneaky. There is no getting around it. This is not a new development in evolutionary terms either, just watch any documentary about primates and the females are always sneaking off.
Hell, my step daughter is the queen of sneaking ducklings home in her backpack. One time she asked me for an incubator. I said no, and tried to explain to her why we could not raise quail in a condo in downtown Orlando… a week later a box arrived for Morgan, suspiciously, about the size of an incubator. The quail eggs arrived two days later. The HOA blew a head gasket when they found out about the rabbit breeding project.
The point is that females normally have a strong relationship with their dads (it is how they are made; they all have daddy issues), and every dad has stories like these about their daughters. So logically speaking, a husband or boyfriend doesn’t have any chance of getting total honesty, so don’t expect it.
However, men are not totally honest with their wives or girlfriends, and if they are it is a weird co-dependant relationship.
Honesty is good, total honesty is co-dependant, which is bad.

Eastern European Black Metal and French Black Metal split. Not bad, but standard issue, so to say. A good example of both sub-genres, I rate it at 80%.