Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; How the Divorce Rate is Directly Related to Women Talking

   Some dink professor at a Yankee college was helping answer a question over at Savage Love and pointed out how in the course of the average life, we are likely to go through cycles of living alone and cohabitating…
Which got me to thinking, because that statement acknowledges that relationships are tempory, and this is not our grandparents world where people stay together for life. Something has obviously changed when people who have been married for 40+ years are getting divorced.
Essentially, the reason for this is because women have gained the legal right to run their mouths. Which is fine, I suppose, it just means that they wander off when they get angry, even if it is after more than half a lifetime.
Which is fine, I’m just pointing out the facts here. It’s like with the feral cats; If I didn’t feed them then they wouldn’t hang around. Women act the same way, if they don’t get what they want then they find someone who can.
Of course, if this is a two street too because if I had a problem with rats then I sure as hell wouldn’t be feeding the feral cats.


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