Dead Meadow- Three Kings (2010)

Here we have Dead Meadow’s Three Kings, a live album from 2010 and one of my all time favorites. I’ve heard people speak disparagingly about live records, but I honestly don’t understand.
This is an example of everything that is good about live albums with no new songs but a rich sound to their unique version of stoner rock that only comes through on live recordings. The band understood this premise and used it to full effect, this release made me fall in love with Dead Meadow, leaving it on repeat for a day or so at a time, this is a classic in every sense of the word.
I’ve heard them played in mall stores and on commercials lately, which is interesting that the reincarnation of an old DC Indie band from the 90’s has emerged as a mainstream symbol of American “coolness” fifteen years later. Which I find fitting because the same bands and scenes I found enthralling as a teen are now being spoon-fed to a global audience. (However, there are some genres that the world at large needs a few more years to appreicate, such as screamo)
Either way, I suspect that Dead Meadow is going to be like the Rolling Stones for the loser generation. Enjoy.


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