Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Raging Bitch Syndrome, the Real Meaning of Christmas and Wolfmother- Cosmic Egg (2009)

Today’s Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been slightly modified because it is CCRR’s birthday! (And because I am so hung over my brain feels like scrambled eggs)
This Relationship Advice Wednesday is about how people act around Christmas, specifically women. As soon as Halloween comes women start getting bitchier and bitchier until the final culmination of the total raging bitch on Christmas Day.
This is evolutionary proof that Christmas, Santa Claus, peace, love and joy are all bullshit marketed to us by Corporate America. The real reason for Christmas or the festival of the winter solace (or whatever one chooses to call it) is to get all the women of the community together to bitch at each other rather than their husbands. This in turn lead to a decline in cases of prehistoric domestic violence and thus the reason we celebrate Christmas.

I just noticed that this post is for Wednesday, after I had this Wolfmother post half written, so even though it is not black metal I am just going to run with it because my brain is mushy.
Wolfmother is an Australian hard rock band who toured with Dead Meadow and did this cover/reinvention of one of their songs. They are interesting, new(er) and while I’m not a huge fan of hard rock they do put on a good show. And this is a decent follow-up to yesterday’s Dead Meadow post, though in the future I doubt I will seek out this album to play I am still glad I have heard it earning it a rating of 70%.